Do not borrow to marry. Year 2020 was a blessing in disguise for those who got married during that Covid season. No irrational expenses.

I warned one of my young ladies to cut her coat according to her cloth not even according to her size but she never listened. The first 5 years of her marriage was turbulent. They almost beat each other to death because all the people they borrowed money from, kept knocking at their door at ungodly hours. This put them under so much tension that she lost two pregnancies.

You are weak, that is why you want to impress people. If you start your marriage with borrowing, you will pay dearly for it.
Do not owe the event planner. Do not owe the photographer. Do not owe the event centre. Do not owe the tailor who made your wedding gown. Do not move into a house you and your husband cannot comfortably pay for.

Guard your inner peace with all your heart. Debts steals your peace and stalls your progress. Be simple and free yourself from unnecessary expenses. It is well with you. Your home will be a haven of rest by the grace of God. Walk in wisdom.

The success of your marriage is not determined by an elaborate wedding. Be wise. Calm down!

Dolapo Adelakun
Damsel School of Ministry

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